Gangways, decks, side decks and accessories

Fratelli Canalicchio & Sea Steel is world number one supplier for handling systems, and it leads the maritime business due to its wide selection of automated high-quality and unbeatable design systems.

Besides, the company stands out in the engineering industry for developing renewable and electromechanical energy, and for creating special products for the aviation and the automotive sectors.

Launching decks, jet ski lifting, tenders, and water rides stand out with elegance among their wide selection of products.
The current decks allow for 350 to 2500 kg, and the material they are made of, SST AISI 316/ AISI 316TI, allows for facing bad-sea states for life.

  • Folding swim platform
  • Hatch
  • Manual gangway
  • Hydro-handle retractable gangways
  • External hydraulic gangways
  • External rotating hydraulic gangways
  • Hydraulic Terraces
  • Hydraulic Balconies
  • Handrails