Fratelli Canalicchio SpA

“Fratelli Canalicchio SpA” was founded in 1996 by two young brothers: Giovanni and Pasquale Canalicchio.

They land onto the maritime business after gaining experience in the precision engineering business.

Besides making special precision engineering tools, the production becomes focused on aviation, electromechanical, space and defense parts, but never leaves the maritime business.

This is when the maritime division (Sea Steel) and the mechanical division (Fratelli Canalicchio Srl) are created.

The division, at first run by Sea Steel only, is then merged with Fratelli Canalicchio, turning from being a “limited” (S.r.l.), to an “incorporated” (S.p.A.), and focuses on super yachts.

Thanks to their business strategy, their qualified personnel, and a good customer response, the two brothers move the new operating office to the Narni area, which becomes the new operating center of “Fratelli Canalicchio SpA”.