Selmar Technologies is totally oriented towards quality and customer satisfaction.

The company has always focused on the new technology, on the environment and on safety, complying with its mission through a continuous search for innovative solutions to develop in the systems based on specific needs for the later development of series production; by choosing the international highest-standard building materials, by being entirely available to bespoke pre-designed machinery, and by providing a fast and high-quality technical service.

Commitment to quality is a strategic way of thinking and an operating activity, characterizing the business operations at any time. The daily inclination towards this goal finds its appreciation in the compliance certification, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 of the Quality management System, a milestone reached already in 2000, and which has always been renewed with commitment and spirit of improvement, after passing strict checks and regular inspections.

The constant and significant presence in the most important international maritime events, the interest of prestigious shipyards, the construction and the starting up of major plants – sometimes far from the production site -, the cooperation with scientific research and local economic development bodies, are all part of the core experience on which Selmar Technologies keeps designing and producing high-quality products to meet the expectations of its worldwide customers.