The company has been a Devint specialist since 1985, focused on metalworking, especially stainless steel, and has gained ground in creating equipment for pleasure yachts, as well as producing it directly. Today, the company offers technical resources, machinery, and modern systems, and can face the challenges of the international market.

In its catalogue we can find weathertight stern doors, manual and automatic doors, pantograph weathertight doors, stern hatches, as well as various accessories and stainless-steel handling equipment. The production unit covers over 2000 square meters, and it consists of a group of technicians who report to a selected range of external suppliers, and can offer speed, safety, and flexibility, which are more and more essential in today’s challenges.

A solidly experienced technical team can design the customer’s requests thanks to a 3D rendering system, and develop innovative and unique solutions, some of which even covered by international patents.